Saturday, April 16, 2011

I love curves.

    I think curves are amazing! Lets face it a curvy woman makes any piece of clothing come to life. I love hips. (I unfortunately did not inherit great hips rather strong thighs, thanks to my German heritage.) I am so excited about the latest photo shoot we had on April 9th. The girls look amazing!  Curves are bursting out of these photographs! The shoot was for the 30's - 50's and the clothes are fabulous and accentuating. I have noticed that fashion is making a turn from stick thin and all skin to the more modest yet feminine 90's. The 90's were all about curves and shoulder pads! I am not such a huge fan of shoulder pads, but on the right person, they look stunning. Also, I have noticed a great deal of 1950's influence in the 90's fashion. Fashion now is morphing into this crazy mixture of grunge, curvaceous, glam love child of fabulous. I'm in love. Here is a SNEAK-PEAK of what is yet to come! 1930's - 50's and 90's you are my loves!

My name is Jessi and I love vintage.

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