Saturday, April 16, 2011

I love curves.

    I think curves are amazing! Lets face it a curvy woman makes any piece of clothing come to life. I love hips. (I unfortunately did not inherit great hips rather strong thighs, thanks to my German heritage.) I am so excited about the latest photo shoot we had on April 9th. The girls look amazing!  Curves are bursting out of these photographs! The shoot was for the 30's - 50's and the clothes are fabulous and accentuating. I have noticed that fashion is making a turn from stick thin and all skin to the more modest yet feminine 90's. The 90's were all about curves and shoulder pads! I am not such a huge fan of shoulder pads, but on the right person, they look stunning. Also, I have noticed a great deal of 1950's influence in the 90's fashion. Fashion now is morphing into this crazy mixture of grunge, curvaceous, glam love child of fabulous. I'm in love. Here is a SNEAK-PEAK of what is yet to come! 1930's - 50's and 90's you are my loves!

My name is Jessi and I love vintage.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

"When I hear the word "blog," I think of snot." - Alice Walker.

  Because this is my first blog, I am hoping that a quote by Alice Walker as my title, won't offend anyone. Please let me know if this is terribly offensive or if the word snot is a bad word on Blogger. Personally, I find it pretty appropriate, Blogger does look and sound a lot like booger. Because I am dyslexic I may actually write booger at some point. Boogers aside, I am super excited about this. I have literally no idea what I am doing but what the hell, I have to start somewhere!

  My name is Jessi and I love vintage clothing. I had no idea until recently how attracted I was to these musty smelling treasures until they were literally handed to me in boxes. I was recently forced from a serving job. I was fired, then rehired then forced to quit. Long story short the restaurant industry steals souls, please always be NICE to your server! I have often thought about writing a book on how to behave and interact with your server while dinning out. Maybe I should blog about it...? I think that is for another time. Back to the subject, I love vintage clothing. This new found hobby and love has allowed me to meet some incredible people and do some amazing things. I have learned more about myself in these last few months that I have in the last year. Allow me to explain further...

  After I was forced out of my job I moped furiously for about a week until my boyfriend's wonderful mother started pushing huge boxes of clothing towards me during a trip to clear out the back bedroom. "I have been collecting these things for years and I have yet to do a single thing with them. Would you like them?" "Uh, sure." I replied. *24 hours later* A two hour long fashion show the night before for my very loving and patient my boyfriend and that was it. Clothing and collecting is NOT my nature. I have for years been living with very little because of my desire to travel. The less I had the less I had to worry about if I wanted to take off for a few months. But now I want to collect, sell and alter. This love has nearly turned into an obsession. Two days ago a photo shoot, one month in the making, finally came to fruition. It was magical! Three models, two photographers, one hair and makeup artist and me. It happened! All for my online store, Jessi's Closet! Currently, I have a store through Esty. I am sure many of you have heard of it, what a fabulous land in the matrix! Hopefully with your help and a lot of super hard work I can eventually move out of Etsy and into my own domain. But that is very far in the future, so for now, I happily stay on Etsy. I am excited to meet new people and see where this goes. So, I will leave you with my first blog, I hope you liked it!

My name is Jessi and I love vintage clothing.

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